• Information for authors - Rules of publishing texts in the periodical

    Information for authors

    Authors are asked to obey the following rules of text preparation:

    The document should be delivered in an electronic way, in .DOC file (Word) and in a form of a printout; font - Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 leading).

    Units discussed in the article (words, phrases) should be in italics.

    Quotations in the text should be written in inverted commas, longer quotations (of more than two lines) – in separate paragraphs, in a smaller font, without inverted commas.

    The meaning of words should be given in angular quotation marks.

    Lemmas should be highlighted in bold.

    Footnotes are obligatory. Elements of a bibliographical address should be separated with commas. In footnotes we use Polish abbreviations: tamże (ibidem), dz.cyt. (op. cit.), incipit of the title in case of specifying more than one work of a given author.

    All tables and diagrams must be numbered, provided with the title and the source.

    Bibliography is made according to the following pattern:

    Surname name initial,  publishing year, title, place of issue, page numbers.

    If the publication has got numerous authors, we provide all the surnames. Book, chapter, and article titles are in italics. Periodicals’ titles are in inverted commas.

    Bibliographic entries should be in alphabetical order according to authors’ surnames. Works of one author should be ordered alphabetically according to titles.

    Due to the introduction of an electronic version of the periodical, links to webpages must be active and verified by the author before submitting the text, and the date of access to webpage should be provided, for example http://www.jezykoznawstwo.ahe.lodz.pl/index.php?id=16, accessed: 16-12-2013.

    Articles submitted to the journal should not exceed 9,500 words (up to 60,000 characters, including spaces). Articles in the conference languages ​​(English, German, Russian, French, Italian) are preferred.

    Please attach a short abstract (up to 15 lines) including the title and key words in Polish and English.

    Please provide your academic degree or title, address of the represented research centre, private address, telephone number and e-mail address.